New Course at UC Davis: Introduction to Neuroengineering

By Gabriela Lee and Noah A Pflueger-Peters

Neuroengineering is an emerging field where engineering, medicine and neuroscience come together to engineer innovative tools to study the operation of the central and peripheral nervous systems and develop impactful solutions to treat their pathologies. Neuroengineers work across disciplines in highly-collaborative research projects to develop technologies such as prosthetics, brain-computer interfaces, deep brain stimulation and post-neural injury rehabilitation tools.

At the Interface Between Robots and Humans


By Elizabeth Thomson

When Sarah O’Meara arrived at UC Davis she had little experience writing software and had never conducted an experiment involving human subjects. Now, the mechanical and aerospace engineering doctoral student has a passion for both and is on track for a career that combines them in her research on robots that could one day lend a hand to astronauts and others operating under challenging conditions.