University News

UC Davis Launches Neuroscience Consortium

By Neelanjana Gautam

Today the University of California, Davis, officially launched a consortium called the UC Davis Neuroscience Consortium (UCDNC) to leverage the strength, breadth and depth of one of the largest neuroscience communities in the world. The consortium brings together nearly 300 researchers from eleven centers and 41 departments — integrating biologists, chemists, social scientists, engineers, computer scientists and clinicians.

UC Davis Center for Neuroengineering & Medicine Aims to Improve Quality of Life for All

With an increase in cognitive and neurological disorders such as dementia, stroke and Alzheimer’s, researchers worldwide are actively seeking pathways to help people restore neural function and improve their quality of life. The UC Davis College of Engineering announces the launch of the UC Davis Center for Neuroengineering & Medicine (NE&M), an integrated, multi-disciplinary effort that seeks to repair, restore and augment human capacity to benefit society.

Bahram Ravani and Stephen Robinson receive College of Engineering Outstanding Faculty Awards

By Noah A Pflueger-Peters

Distinguished Professor Bahram Ravani and Professor Stephen Robinson received Outstanding Faculty Awards from the UC Davis College of Engineering for their outstanding work during the 2018-19 academic year. Ravani received the Outstanding Senior Faculty Research Award and Robinson received the Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award. These awards are the college's highest honors given to faculty.

National Academy of Engineering Symposium Hosted by UC Davis, Includes Session on Neurengineering

The UC Davis College of Engineering hosted over 60 engineers from the United States and the European Union for the National Academy of Engineering's 2017 Frontiers of Engineering symposium. Professor Sanjay Joshi co-chaired the neuroengineering technical session, which included presentations and discussions on neural signal measurement and processing, neural implant design, clinical applications and the future of neuroengineering development and commercialization.