NeuralStorm Activities

The NeuralStorm education and training program includes multiple activities to build the neuroengineering research community at UC Davis.

Activity 1 - NeuroEngineering Journal Club

This is a weekly journal club that runs in Fall Quarter. Students will examine and peer-critique a research paper that is related to biomed engineering and neuroengineering. Join our journal club mailing list here:

Activity 2 - NeuroEngineering Seminar Series

This is a monthly event with an invited featured seminar speaker. This is hosted at UC Davis on the first Wednesday of each month.

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Activity 3 - NeuroEngineering Seminar Plus

In addition to the featured seminar itself, we also run a Seminar Plus journal club. This occurs on the Monday *before* the seminar (typically the first Monday of the month). We take the work of the invited speaker, and a student will evaluate and critique a paper, and present their analysis to the group.


Activity 4 - Neuroengineering Lunch and Learn

Once a month, on the second Wednesday of the month, students meet to discuss their own work. One or two students present work from their lab, and questions and discussions take place with lunch.


Activity 5 - Annual Workshop

There is an annual introduction workshop for all students interested in neuroengineering at the start of the academic year, around mid September, for 5 days.


Activity 6 - Neuroengineering Research Symposium

We host a Annual Neuroengineering Research Symposium in spring, with a featured guest speakers and the neuroengineering research community.


Activity 7 - Navigating Neuroengineering Grad School

Each quarter, we hold a meetup session on Navigating Neuroengineering Grad School. We discuss making and updating Individual Development Plans (IDPs),  practical skills for planning, writing, organization, workflow and thriving in neuroengineering grad school.


Activity 8 - Practicum

We hold Practicum sessions, generally 8-10 weeks in length, to address scientific topics of interest to graduate students. 




NeuralStorm supports these graduate courses:

Course - Literature in Neuroengineering BIM / NSC 295

Fall Quarter

Critical presentation and discussion of current literature in neuroengineering.


Course - Introduction to Neuroengineering EEC 244

Spring Quarter

Course - Neural Signals and Machine Learning Tools for Neural Data BME / BIM 280

Winter Quarter



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More Neuroengineering-related courses can be found here: