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NeuralStorm NSF-Funded NRT Program

Taking Neuroengineering by Storm

The Center for Neuroengineering & Medicine is excited to launch the NeuralStorm: Taking Neuroengineering by Storm training funded by the NSF Research Traineeship (NRT) program (NSF Award # 2152260). Students will participate in unique education experiences to learn fundamentals of neuroscience, engineering, and computer science, and how they can be brought to bear on new frontiers in neuroengineering. The goal is to enable students to strengthen their domain expertise while contributing to solving cross-disciplinary challenges in neuroengineering.

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NSF Award number: 2152260


Apply for funded NeuralStorm Fellowship

To apply for the NSF-funded NeuralStorm Fellowship, please complete the Fellow application process here.




Not yet in grad school? Those interested in coming to grad school to do neuroengineering research should see Application Info HERE

Students interested in graduate studies in neuroengineering can apply to one of the existing graduate groups or programs on campus by following their respective application requirements. In addition, contact us at this link to let us know about your interest in studying neuroengineering and send us questions. The most relevant graduate groups or programs for neuroengineering at UC Davis are listed below. 

Current graduate students at UC Davis interested in becoming NeuralStorm NRT trainees should fill out the form below. Eligible students may apply to both (Fellow and Trainee applications). Fellowship applications are only open during specific periods, once per year.


For questions, please contact Andrew X. Stewart, PhD, NeuralStorm Program Coordinator, axstewart@ucdavis.edu.


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