Introduction to Neuroengineering

EEC 289L – Introduction to Neuroengineering

4 units (A/F Letter Graded) 
Tuesday 1:10pm-3:00pm - Winter Quarter 2022 
CRN:  45339

Objective: Neuroengineering is emerging as the field where engineering, medicine and neuroscience come together to produce innovative research and impactful solutions that address the broad range of pathologies of the central and peripheral nervous system. The unifying objective of this team-taught interdisciplinary course is to introduce students to the key research areas and tools in neuroengineering, and employ NIH-style proposal writing exercises to integrate course content into a potential dissertation project. 
Class Times: 1:10pm-3:00pm Tuesday every week (Location TBA) 
Prerequisite: Graduate Standing (or instructor approval) 
Instructor(s): Prof. Erkin Şeker (ECE, Instructor of Record), Mitchell Sutter (NPB), Jochen Ditterich (NPB), Weijian Yang (ECE), Lin Tian (Biochem), Audrey Fan (BME), Zhaodan Kong (MAE), Sanjay Joshi (MAE), Jonathon Schofield (MAE), Karen Moxon (BME), Wil Joiner (Neurology), Carolynn Patten (Phys Med & Rehab)