Mission statement

The Neuroengineering & Medicine Center promotes neurological health and extends human capacity, through research, stakeholder engagement, and education into discovery and translation of systems that interface with the brain and the body, to benefit society.


  • BUILD CONNECTIONS among researchers, centers, institutes, colleges and schools, as well as between UC Davis and other organizations, federal agencies and companies, and the community at large by leveraging the extraordinary potential and scientific assets at UC Davis

  • LEAD CONVERGENT RESEARCH that brings together engineers, scientists, clinicians, industry professionals, entrepreneurs, public servants, ethicists, social scientists, and other stakeholders, to solve problems that make a difference in people’s lives

  • APPLY & TRANSLATE DISCOVERY that repairs, restores, and augments human capacity

  • EDUCATE the next generation of engineers, scientists, and clinicians in the highly interdisciplinary field of neuroengineering