New Course at UC Davis: Introduction to Neuroengineering

By Gabriela Lee and Noah A Pflueger-Peters

Neuroengineering is an emerging field where engineering, medicine and neuroscience come together to engineer innovative tools to study the operation of the central and peripheral nervous systems and develop impactful solutions to treat their pathologies. Neuroengineers work across disciplines in highly-collaborative research projects to develop technologies such as prosthetics, brain-computer interfaces, deep brain stimulation and post-neural injury rehabilitation tools.

UC Davis Center for Neuroengineering & Medicine Aims to Improve Quality of Life for All

With an increase in cognitive and neurological disorders such as dementia, stroke and Alzheimer’s, researchers worldwide are actively seeking pathways to help people restore neural function and improve their quality of life. The UC Davis College of Engineering announces the launch of the UC Davis Center for Neuroengineering & Medicine (NE&M), an integrated, multi-disciplinary effort that seeks to repair, restore and augment human capacity to benefit society.