Karen Moxon, PhD

Karen Moxon

Position Title
Founding Co-Director Emerita, Center for Neuroengineering & Medicine

  • Department of Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Moxon has conducted ground breaking research in neuroengineering, developing computational approaches to study the encoding of sensory and motor information. An important focus of her work is the impact of neural injury on the representation of information in the brain. Early in her career, she contributed to the first demonstration of a closed-loop, real-time brain-machine interface system in a rat model that was quickly translated to non-human primates and, more recently, to humans with neurological disorders. This work has spurred an entirely new discipline within neuroengineering that has had a global impact. Dr. Moxon maintains an active research program, combining signal processing and the development of neural interface devices with computational approaches to study how changes in neural encoding contribute to recovery of function after spinal cord injury.

Professor Moxon is a IEEE Senior Member.

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