$900K NSF Grant to Help Researchers Probe the Cognitive Brain Mechanisms Behind Free Will

by Greg Watry

Picture this scenario: You and a friend are walking around your neighborhood when you stop at a crosswalk. As you wait, the noises of the world and your internal thoughts all vie for your attention. Pedestrians chatter as cars rumble by when suddenly, you see a motorist nearly hit a bicyclist.   

“Whoa, did you see that?” you say to your friend.  

“I sure did; that was a fully restored 1967 Ford Mustang,” your friend replies, referring to a car separate from the near-traffic collision you almost witnessed. 

Katherine Foray

  • Graduate Student (PhD), The Sensorimotor Integration Lab (Dr. Joiner)
  • NeuralStorm Fellow (2022 cohort)
  • Neuroscience Graduate Group
  • Center for Neuroscience
  • Department of Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior